Our Story

Hi! Welcome to Open Learners. We’re so happy for you to be here and let us guide you through your Montessori journey.

Here at Open Learners, we wanted to help you curious parents about Montessori, but confused on where to start.

We wanted to simplify the process for you by letting us do the research and curate a box of Montessori age- appropriate materials to help guide your little one lead the Montessori way.

We understand that life can get busy, and your time is limited.

Open learners started with us as parents forced to stay home by the pandemic without access to our daughter’s educators.

How were we going to provide the best education for our daughter?

Open learners was born.

Like any other parent, we wanted our child to lead their learning and be open to explore the world around her.

Mum, having a background in dentistry lived life through basing facts on supporting evidence, studies, and data.

Having a deep belief for evidence-based research, Dr Maria Montessori system made sense.

Father, having studied both psychology and early childhood education understandably wanted to bring this passion of his to life.

He too wanted to create the tools for parents and care takers to make Montessori and learning easier at home.

Montessori opens the world to parents, that every moment our children are unconsciously learning.

Our Children are born with great abilities to absorb information and be brilliant.

With the help of our boxes, we want to make it accessible, available, and easy to Montessori at home.

Explore our range and let us help you lead the Montessori way.